Visual Needs Defined

Solving Visual Needs, Distance, Intermediate and Near, Through Eyeglass Lenses 

eSunsations customers often ask what the difference is in different eyeglass lenses to solve their visual needs. Below is a short review of different type of visual needs.

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What are the most common visual needs people have?

  • Distance: Watching TV, or a Movie in a theater or Driving
  • Intermediate: Your computer key board or screen maybe an intermediate distance depending on how you have your computer or laptop set up.
  • Close up or Near: Reading books, menu, newspapers, magazines or even your keyboard depending on how close it is to you.

How Would I solve each Visual Needs Area Defined above?

Single Vision Lenses - Provides One Visual Need area Single vision lenses once  prescribed will correct only one field of vision, distance, Intermediate or Near (close up). Bi-focal Lenses Provides Two Visual Need areas. A bi-focal includes two ranges of vision: top of the lenses are corrected for distance, and the bottom part of the lenses, normally under a visible line in the lenses would be considered your reading area. Progressive Lenses Provides Three Visual Need areas Progressive lenses are “no-line Bi-focal, with one extra area for your visual comfort.”  In bi-focal and tri-focal lenses there are distinct lines that are visible to anyone looking at your eyeglass lenses. Progressive lenses have three distinct areas of vision, distance, and intermediate range as well as near or close up. The difference in progressive lenses verses Tri-focal lenses is that there are NO lines visible to anyone looking at you. Progressive lenses allow a very comfortable transition between each area you need to view. Computer Vision Eyeglass Lenses offer a new more advanced product that allows people that use computers to see intermediate and near only. These lenses are NOT for driving, jogging or general use, they are strictly designed to be worn while using a computer or any other discipline that requires intermediate and near vision. This type of lens offering is extremely valuable for many that have trouble using progressive or bifocal lenses while working at their computer.

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