Prescription Lens Ordering and Warranty Procedure


What is eSunsations Prescription Lens Ordering and Warranty Procedure?

Many consumers purchase frames online that they have never tried-on or personally handled prior to placing their frame and prescription order.  Due to this type of historical ordering pattern and some unhappiness once the final product arrives has created a “safety procedure” that is a tremendous benefit for each customer’s frame and prescription lens purchasing. 

When the customer places a frame & prescription lens order on we ship them frame, before it goes to the lens laboratory.  This way each customer review and inspection as well as to try-on the new frame to insure they not only like the style, but the frame fits well and is comfortable.  As a side note many frames may need minor adjustments in the “temples” ear pieces, or sometime in the nose area if a customer chooses a frame with “adjustable nose pads.” This type of adjustment is normal.   Any local optician or your eye doctor’s office can make this type of adjustment for you.

Once the customer makes a decision that their frame order is the “one for them” they should email us at , include the order number.  Once esunsations receives this email a shipping label will be emailed to the customer so the frame can be shipped to lens laboratory.   Once the frame arrives at the laboratory the customer’s personal prescription lens manufactured and placed into the frame.  Once the prescription lenses have been completed and 100% inspected the final product will ship to the customer.   

All shipping is FREE, frame to the customer, to the laboratory and back to the customer. 

Acknowledgement: Once a customer uses the shipping label and ships the frame to esunsations lens laboratory they have acknowledging that they have approved the frame and do not plan to return it under the frame return and exchange policy.   This is again a “safety value” for each customer since prescription lenses are not returnable or refundable, each pair of prescription lenses is custom made and cannot be used for any other person.  

What is eSunsations Prescription Lenses Guarantee?

We guarantee that every pair of prescription eyeglass lenses will be 100% accurate per what the customer’s doctor had prescribed.  Since each pair of lenses is manufactured to the customer’s exact prescription we ask customers to allow 7-10 business days, Monday – Friday, for the job to be completed and returned to them from the time the frame first arrives at the lens laboratory. Occasionally errors may occur. If a customer ever receives prescription lenses that are not 100% accurate per their doctor’s prescription, we offer a hassle-free remake program:

REMAKE policy: one-time remake a no cost to the customer if the customer’s doctor’s prescription is not 100% accurate. Simply follow our return policy by emailing us at hello to obtain an RA # and Return Shipping label so you can ship the frame & lenses, back to us so they can be remade.

What is eSunsations Prescription Lenses Returns and Exchange Policy?

Every prescription lens order is customized to each patient’s prescription and therefore non-refundable. Should a customer change their mind about the lens material, or any other deviations from the original order, even though the prescription lenses were manufactured to 100% accuracy per the doctor’s prescription, will allow a one-time exchange within 15 days of the original invoice date. If a customer chooses to initiate this type of exchange esunsations will offer a lens credit of 50% credit towards any new lens product that is equal to or greater than the original cost paid. This type of exchange must take place within 15 days of the original product is delivered. Once 15 days have expired there will be no lens credit offered.

What is eSunsations Prescription Lenses Scratch-Coating warranty?

ALL prescription lenses include a scratch-resistant coating automatically included at no additional cost. Scratch-resistant lenses should not be confused with scratch proof lenses since no one can offer you scratch-proof lenses guarantee. In an effort to provide you with our best service we offer a one-time-only discount of 50% off on the replacement of scratched prescription lenses. The offer is good for one year from the invoice date of the original purchase. There are NO scratch or replacement warranties offered on Non-Prescription sunglasses or eyeglass lenses. Esunsations offers replacement lenses for both sunglasses and eyeglass at normal pricing should a customer want to replace NON-Prescription scratch lenses. 

What is eSunsations Exchange Policy for “CUSTOM” NON-Prescription Sunglass or Eyeglass lenses (lenses without prescription):

Occasionally a customer purchases “CUSTOM” NON-Prescription lenses in sunglasses or eyeglasses and then changes their mind about a product selection, style, product material or color of lenses they have chosen. We cover that type of request with our 50% off, one-time only return or exchange. This allows customers to return or exchange sunglass or eyeglass NON Prescription lenses within 15 days of the original lab shipment and receive 50% off on a new order of “CUSTOM” non-prescription lenses. Returns must follow the eSunsations Return and Exchange policy noted above.

What are eSunsations Manufacturer’s Warranties?

All frames are warranted for one year from the original date of purchase. Manufacturer defects included broken hinges, welding points, coloring, or structural breakage.

Defects DO NOT include damage that is caused by abuse or damage due to sitting, stepping on, or other non-warranty items. All “warranty” returns will be inspected once they are returned. Should that inspection show that damage is not related to the manufacturer’s warranty policy the product will be returned to the customer and no credit will be offered. Defective frames will be replaced with the same frame unless that frame has been discontinued and is no longer being manufactured. If we are unable to locate a replacement frame we will offer you another model or color that is as close to the original one as possible. If nothing can be found we will offer you another frame of equal or lesser value. The customer can choose a frame of greater value however any difference in cost will be customer’s responsibility.

What is eSunsations Non-Defective Product Return Policy?

ALL returns and or exchanges must take place within 15 days of the delivery of your order. After 15 days there may be a “restocking fee” charged for any return. After 30 days from the time of the product, delivery ESUNSATIONS reserves the right to not offer any credit for an exchange or return. If an exchange is chosen, within the policy time frame as noted above, the value of the return will be offered towards a greater value frame and any difference will be the responsibility of the customer.

What is eSunsations International Return or Exchange Policy?

ALL returns and or exchanges must take place within 15 days of the delivery of your order. After 15 days there may be a “restocking fee” charged for any return. After 30 days from the time of the product, delivery ESUNSATIONS reserves the right to not offer any credit for an exchange or return. All International returns must be shipped pre-paid and insured, for the full value of the transaction, with a qualified shipping carrier that includes the U.S. Post Office, Federal Express, UPS, or any reliable vendor that ships to the United States.

Return shipping address is:


14189 Foothill Blvd, Suite 108 

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Policy updated 5/2/2020 


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